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424 Km in Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil

Acabo de receber uma ligação do Claudio Lippert (Bombeiro)
Informando que decolou de Torres RS e fez um voo de 424 km ,decolou com 30 litros de combustivel gastou 22 litros, voou em alguns momentos a velocidade de até 115 km por hora e me disse ainda que seu pouso foi de 30 km voando para tras.
Dá para imaginar um voou desse?
E quem vai superar esta marca?


 30 liters but he used only 22.

only 5 hours of flight,

sometime the ground speed was 115 Km/h

max altitude 1150 m from sea, average 600m

when he land the wind was so strong that he was flying back 30 Km/h, but land was ok. 











Fresh Brazilian XC Paramotor Record

October 2009

Just received news from Marcelo Menin
Marcelo is a very active paramotor pilot, always promoting new challenging ideas
Lately he came up with an idea to organise a competition, based on very simple rules
Anyone can enter - the flight can take place anywhere in the world, until end of 2009 - the longest flight properly recorded is the winner (there is a prize for the winner too)
Quite a few guys (including Marcelo) made an honest effort to try to come top - good distances have been recorded too. 
Some days ago one guy really made it - the Brazilian record was broken while attempting to take the lead in this competition
(Anatoly Cohn
APCO Aviation Ltd


Pilot: Claudio Lippert
Paramotor: miniplane ABM TOP 80

And the results are:
distance: 425km (new Brazilian XC Paramotor Record)
Fly time: 5:13:05
take off time: 09:26:29
landing time: 14:39:34
average speed: 81 km/h
Max speed: 114km/h
consuption 22 liters of gasoline
Date: October 2009














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